it feels like this right now 
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ketchup & fries, Pabst, candle flame, ricky playing, doggy on bed, about to watch a movie on netflix. Life is still good. just hope its good for you too. 

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Opening shot of Casino Royale 
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beatete said: Share 10 things about yourself, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers! :)

Aww thank you X

I love my friends and family 

chocolate is my favourite

my anxiety is in my throat

I want a pet bunny

I take pictures

tumblr is my comfort 

music is my blanket

Nature & traveling recharge me

I find feathers when things are alright

I really care. 

haha that was fun! (: Have a good day guys!

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the best thing I’ve ever found! fuckin love this xoxo
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