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 by Lelde

My dad skateboarding at Hyde school 1982. I think he was cooler than me. [x]
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need to see this!
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I paused at the absolute best moment.

Thank You!! ((: this is my new sidebar image♥
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A little shout out to the guy in all black with black longish hair. You jumped from the metro stairs to the platform. Im guessing it was about a nine foot drop. That was pretty crazy. Hope you didn’t hurt your self, you definitely impressed us.

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This post is long over due, as is the end of the brutality that should never have existed in the first place. My skin may be white but that has nothing to do with my tears. To all the people protesting in Ferguson you are brave and you are our fellow citizens, our equals. I do not understand how the entire police force and politicians involved have not yet been arrested for acts of terrorism. America we are NOT FREE.
We are NOT SAFE.
And black people are being KILLED.
Our fellow citizens are being HARASSED BY POLICE.
And we haven’t seen visible improvements. I don’t know how to explain how upset I am by whats going on I just wish more than anything the POLICE WOULD BE PUNISHED FOR ALL THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY & that FERGUSON COULD PROTEST AND GRIEVE IN PEACE WITHOUT ANY MORE ARRESTS OR ATACKS.
i just want peace and equality as every one deserves.

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kill the imposter

oh what the fuck?

1. Drink water

2. Call your grandmother

3. Thank the bus driver

4. Experience something new (watch the sunrise, go to somewhere you’d never see yourself at)

5. Tell someone you miss them

6. Buy your mom a flower

7. Search for milkshakes recipes and try some

8. Start a conversation with someone you know is crazy about talking to you

9. Be concentrated at school/work

10. Exercise outside

11. Bring your headphones everywhere

12. Listen to a new kind of music

13. Watch tv series you used to watch in your childhood

14. Appreciate things; look at someone in the eye when you say thank you

15. Greet your friends with a hug

16. Those who are quiet know it, don’t point that out

17. Forgive someone you’ve been mad at for a long time

18. Eat clean

19. Take pictures of the sky at different times of the day and then put it all together

20. Go to the coffee shop by yourself, watch people around you

21. Dance freely

22. Compliment on more than appearances

23. Bake cupcakes and offer them to your friends

24. Say goodmorning to a stranger and say it to another two for each one that doesn’t say it back

25. Ice cream

26. Offer your help

27. Use a new outfit

28. Be humble

29. Don’t search for old photographs, take new ones

30. Remember to go out some time but also remember how great it feels to be home


30 ways to improve your day (via ducelie)

I have done maybe half of these and that makes me feel so good because I know I’m trying. and you should too.